I am embarking to a new journey of exploring healthy food options within my routine cuisine. I am in love with all kinds of Indian cuisines I am exposed till date. 
In the times of quinoa, I am exploring millets. 
For quite some time I have started accepting my extra weight and size. With house arrests due to Corona virus, the routine walks have also gone for a toss. God bless my yoga tutor, who had started the classes online which is the best way to start the day. The yoga class takes care of the daily exercise.
But as they say, health is more dependent on diet than on exercise. 
As I had gone careless about my weight gain , I was more careless about my food. It includes both - the quantity and quality both. The lockdown resulted in an addition of 10 kg to my short frame of 155 cm. 
I came across an article about the goodness of millets and it triggered a motivation in me. It's time to take charge and be responsible about my health. I promised myself yesterday (13.5.21) that I ll work on reducing my weight in a healthy way. Changing my style of food would be difficult and I know it very clearly, so as a first step, I have promised to remove all kind of rice and wheat products from my diet.
I ordered five kind of millet flours namely - jawar, jau bajra, ragi and makkai each 500 GM's. So now I have 2.5 kg atta, which I mixed together. 
Diet today -
Air-fried Amul Malai Paneer 60 gm
1 bowl of cornflakes with school of hot milk With one spoon of sugar free.
Lunch -
Mixed grain parantha with jaggery powder, gawar phali veg and a table spoon of aloo tamatar vegetable.
Tea - 4 Marie biscuit and 1 tablespoon of home made namkeen
Dinner- Kadhi - moong daal khichadi
My present weight is 68.8 kg.
I have planned to keep 1 cheat day per week. 
Few promises ... 
1. Once a day sweet dish.
2. Avoid fried food to the maximum.
3. Drink 2 bottles of water. 
4. Weight every Friday. So keep checking this thread to know how much it helped yo reduce my weight this week.
As I analyse what I ate today, I find it to be protein rich diet and I am happy about the kind of satiating feeling milti grain pratha gave. 
Sorry folks... Just forgot to click the pics but I promise to click and share recipes next time.
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    1. Thanks. You are right, main goal is being fit and not weightloss. I totally agree with you. You can check another fun post about weight -


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