A Hectic Day in the Kitchen

 As I had shared yesterday that I have taken the road less traveled by me - the road to weight loss. We all know that weight loss happens when calories intake is less than calories burnt. With Covid 19 fear lurking around, most of the time is spent at home. The life has come to a standstill. So, the options of outdoors activities to burn calories have decreased while calories intake increases when whole family is spending most of the time at home. 

I am conciously planning to control calories intake by eating food items rich in proteins and millets. The advantage is that it keeps the stomach full for a longer time, thus controlling the calories intake by extending the gap between the meals. 

What I ate today?

Though we all know that the best way to start the day is with a glass of lemon water, I was never so motivated to do it. But as I self challanged myself, I am doing it with enthusiasm. 

There was some leftover idlis and dhokla in the fridge and I have to reuse them. So, dhokla and idlies were to be given a makeover. 🙂

I made upma from  dhokla and idlis were fried in onion-tomato masala. You can check the recipe on youtube.

Fried idlies

My breakfast is never complete unless I eat a fruit, some paneer and a big glass of chaas / lassi / cold milk. Today's fruit was watermelon and the drink was buttermilk. The paneer was raw with sprinkled salt and black pepper. By the time, breakfast was over, it's 11.30 am. I need to rename it as brunch. :) This is my time to catch up with a small  napping session after closing down the kitchen. 
Dhokla Upma

It is 1.15 and, I am still feeling full. A strong urge for tea surfaced. I had my tea with 1 small farsan-poori and achar. I was not feeling hungery though. In between, I had one spoonfull of seeds and  evening tea again at 4 pm. This evening tea energised me to plan a good meal for the family.

For Son -

Big boy had a bowl of maggie, airfried potato wedges and one home made burger. 

For Papa - Papa is not keeping fit these days. He asked for a bowl of green moong daal.

Besides these, I made ghiya - wadi sabzi, aam-panna, boondi raita and karela-onion dry vegetable. I ate one chapati of mixed milet atta. Today, I had added grated vegetables like carrot, ghiya and onion to the batter. A sumptuous and filling meal. 

In sweetdish, I had mildly sweet fruit youghart. It was bought from Bigbasket. I will make one at home sometime soon.

Exercises -

1. One set of whole body energisation exercises in the morning. ( 10 - 15min)

2. Planks , weights and stretch band exercises .( 10 - 15 min )

3. Indoor walk - 15 minutes