Kartik Poornima & Celebration of Mom's Life

It was a cold early morning of November 1993, when mom left peacefully to meet her creator. She fought valiantly her battle with stomach cancer but lost the fight. One can not win every war and specially when war is with Him. She was not old enough to go when the average age of humans have been raised to eighties. She died in her fifties. It was the best time of her life when she had 4 little grandchildren and leading a retired and relaxing life.  But as they say, we humans are nothing but  "puppets" in His hands. 

For almost a decade, I was annoyed with God for taking away my mom. Tears just flew down whenever I was alone. Though I was fulfilling all responsibilities which life was throwing at me, I was unable to cope up with my loss. Time was very slow in healing my wound. But eventually I overcame my grief as that was the only way to live.
💕 My Momma 💕

Lately, I decided to celebrate her memories because every memory associated with her was a happy memory. She was indeed a very happy person. 

On Kartik Poornima, this year on her  26th death anniversary, I decided to remember her by celebrating her life. As both the boys are here in Ahmedabad and her great granddaughter Adiroo is also here, we celebrated the day by having a family dinner by serving few of her favorite dishes. She was fond of typical kayastha food. Meetha kaddu and boondi raita with aloo ki kachori was her favourite combo. Kadha prasad was one of her favorite dessert and appropriate for Guru Nanak birthday.
Meetha kaddu, boondi raita, meetha kaddoo, aloo kachori and kadha prasad.

Kadha Prashad
Boys were too young when she left in 1993. Younger one was not even in school. We spoke about what they remember about their nani? Unfortunately they have no memories of her in person, her cuddle,her stories, her cooking and her love for them. They only remember her through photographs now. 

She had taught me to value myself  and rise to the occasion. She was  the one who taught me to make relations in my new family, duties come before rights, forget and move ahead and also stand for myself. 

I was never exposed to gender bias as me and my sister were never told that we were any lesser than boys. And there were no boys at home. We were only two sisters, a very rare family composition in sixties, when the common family composition was of at least 3 children and more specially when there are no boys. In fact, none of my parents ever mentioned - "meri betiyan beto jaisi hai" or" my daughters are like sons". 
My Small Happy Family

But one thing, which she has taken away with her is the "pickle making" skills. She used to mentioned it so often that skills like pickle making and knitting will go down with her generation. 😐    
I still remember and miss the taste of her "meetha gobhi-gajar-shalgam achaar". Breakfasts in winters were made so yummy with stuffed paranthas and gajar-gobhi sweet pickle.😁ah my mouth waters even with the thought of those wintery mornings and breakfast in morning sunshine in our backyard garden. those were the days !