From 🍰 Mishap to Muffins !

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When I was a young kid, we had that round oven which was brought home after mom decided to join a course in baking organized jointly by HAU ladies club and Home Science College. 

Every day was a feast for the whole fortnight, the duration of the course. Whatever mom learnt there was repeated at home and was served to the "jury members".  😊 Unlike the judges of "Master Chef" of today's, we used to pass everything with thumping majority. We were not biased. Everything was delicious. After all, it had the magic ingredient of mom's love. The taste of freshly baked 🍪 cookies is always awesome.

It was in early seventies, when not so much options were available in the market for snacking and that too in that small sleepy university town of Hisar in Haryana. 🍰 is always favourite of children and it was same with me and my sister.

Mom wanted to learn cakes of different kinds. She learnt many types of cakes and much more in those 15 days.  After this our round aluminium oven occupied a prized position in our kitchen slab. The modest oven had dished out umpteen number of tasty cakes and created so many delicious memories. No birthday was complete without a cake from this oven. Me and my sister used to do the icing and decoration of the cake.

By the time, I had my own family, the snacking habits of children and food industry had been revamped. Though I have tried few times to bake a "wonderful" cake for my boys, I could only bake "just" a cake. When a new bakery opened nearby our house in Faridabad, I had stopped all my efforts to bake a cake. Being a working mom with growing children, my hands were full.
With much time available at hands and so many resources available and a new gadget "air fryer" in kitchen , my love to bake is pushing me to do something interesting.

I found an easy and supposedly "no fail recipe" of a cake. It was yoghurt cake. But I somehow did some blunder in the quantity of maida . The batter was not of right consistency and was watery. I ignored it and put it my convection oven. After the prescribed time, the upper layer of cake looked beautiful but it was liquid inside.
Kitchen is the best lab, where every accident can result in a new recipe or product. 😋😜
I added more maida to the cake batter , mixed it well again, filled half the muffins moulds and airfryed for 15 min at 180C. It was the sight to behold and taste was divine. Finally my moment of accomplishment has arrived.

Some pics are from google.


  1. बहुत खूब
    ऐसे कमाल करते रहो
    मुह में पानी भरवाते रहो

  2. उत्तर देने मे देरी के लिए माफ़ी चाहूंगी। मुझे कमैंट्स दिख नहीं रहे थे, ब्लॉग की सेटिंग्स मे कुछ गड़बड़ थी। आज ठीक हुई, तो अब आप से रूबरू होने का मौका मिला। धन्यवाद् , आती रहिये, मिलती रहिये।


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