Friday's dinners have become more fun since both the boys have shifted to Ahmedabad from Bangalore and USA respectively. Weekends are important to working people (sons) and are of least importance to the people who have retired from work and not from life like me. 

My kitchen does not serve dinner on Fridays as Zomato or Swiggy have made partying at home so easy. Pizza being one of the  favourite food for the generation next of the family, it's been there on the menu almost every alternate Friday. We have tried most of the vendors of Ahmedabad available on Zomato and Swiggy but Vibhore, my younger son a connoisseur of the "authentic Italian flavours" was not very satisfied with his 🍕 experience. He thought of trying it at home. My kitchen has become the testing lab to a perfect 🍕 for us. 

We all scanned through a number of websites and finally we created our own recipe which was amalgamation of vast information from different resources ( websites).

The ingredients were sourced from Big Basket. Going out to shop groceries has long been removed from my "to do list".

With freshly kneaded dough which had risen twice its original size in two hours, all vegetables cut for toppings , different types of grated cheese, pizza sauce, oregano, chillies, some more pizza herbs and olive oil all were lined on the kitchen workstation. 

Pizza base being rolled out.

The tell tale signs of action in kitchen

I was rolling out the base, Vibhore was adding the sauce and cheese while Arunima was lining the base with vegetables toppings. Vibhore finished it up with another layer of cheese and parsley. 

Our little bundle of joy, keeping an eye on the action.

Vaibhav was taking care of our little angel Adira. Without this, we would not have finished this mission successfully. 😁 

My old electric tandoor has been resurrected after a lull in its life for about half a decade. It can accommodate two pizzas. 

In few minutes, the whole kitchen was filled with mouth watering aromas. What came out of tandoor was an unbelievable beauty 😋. It was cut into four pieces, one for each one of us. And that first bite.... Finally, here is the pizza which is better than Domino's and Mad Bakers. It has won our taste buds hands down. 




Our Learnings   

1. Teamwork is important as it makes a job fun and easy.

2. We are better than the best.

3. Domino's and Mad bakers have lost one client for life. 😁😁😁

4. The family who cooks together is a great team.



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