My Tryst with Air Fryer

Air Fryer is my new armour in the kitchen to create food with less oil.
My family loves tasty food which may not necessarily be the healthy food. :P
So after doing lots of research and relishing air-fried food at a friend's place,
I bought mine from Amazon.

The online shopping has made things much easier for people like me,
who do not want to waste time in market hopping. Online markets like
Amazon have so many brands and models, available  which is very difficult
to find in one showroom. Secondly, customers' reviews give a better picture
of performance than a sales girl or sales boy as it comes directly from the
end users. Moreover, one can compare different models on their features
and prices. The best part is home delivery, which is really fast.

The American Micronic Air Fryer has good reviews from more than
200 customers,and it's competitive price is the trigger which made me opt
for this relatively unknown brand as compared to Philips, Havells, Glance
and Prestige etc. Technically speaking, it's basket and wattage are more than
any other airfryer available there. 

So, here is the beauty, which was delivered really fast. #ipaidforit 

The company has  shared a whatsapp no on which they sent an elaborate
recipe book. How the penetration of technology is easing out things for people
and also saving the planet. It really made me happy as this simple thoughtful
gesture must have saved hundreds of trees and space on the bookshelf.

First day, we fried the frozen tikkies and vegetable sticks from McCain's.
They came out just the  same as fried. So, first casualty of airfryer is the
guilt of eating fried food. Other is calories, which have been drastically
decreased from fried food. Third is the myth that oil frying can never be replaced. 

Ours is a samosa loving family. We look beyond calories while consuming a samosa.
This is height of “consumerism”. :) So, making samosa was the next adventure with airfryer. Samosa came out crispy and as tasty as fried. After airfrying, I brushed it with desi ghee immediately after taking them out which gave it a smoky flavour and smell of being oil fried. This satisfied the nose and it sent signals to the brain about the perfection of this air fried samosa. 

Samosas in the airfryer basket

Another successful outcome was ”kurkuri besani bhindi”. This snackish
bhindi is a fried dish which is very tasty and absorbs lots of oil.
It also spoils the oil in frying. I tried it in airfryer and it comes out perfect.
Just a spoonful of desi ghee for that lovely smoky flavour and you are sorted. 

Since, Air Fryer can also be used for roasting, I roasted cashew nuts in it.
The roasted nuts were garnished with butter and salt and they tasted awesome.  

Air Fryer is a multipurpose gadget. It is good to bake too. To test their claims,
I tried to bake my own “garlic-cheese-bread”. A first time baker ,
I checked the internet for the garlic cheese bread recipe and opted for the
simplest one with some changes here and there. And the magic happened! 
It came out just perfect.

I have scanned through “baked potatoes with crispy skin” a number of times and
always wondered how such a simple recipe can be so delicious?
I finally got my own  “baked potatoes with crispy skin” yesterday.

Baked Potatoes with crispy sk

Airfryer Advantages:
  • It makes low oil healthy meals without using oil.
  • It cooks food with hot air which circulates the basket, thus cooking food uniformly from all sides without the need of turning,
  • It saves time as one is not required to stand and check.
  • It can fry, roast, bake and grill too.
  • Easy to clean and  convenient to use.
  • It’s timer and temperature control makes it very versatile and easy to use.
  • Last but not the least, it’s very reasonably priced.
Some of the photographs are from internet. No credits claimed. 

#ipaidforit #notapaidreview