It all started by a message on Instagram  of "dil-vich_foodie". Few messages were exchanged on Insta and then we shifted to whatsapp. The foodie at heart ( dil-vich-foodie) turns out to be Priti Gupta and the conversation was about the blogger's meet she is organising. Since I am free on Sunday, I confirm my presence for the lunch meet at 2PM. The venue was The Cafe Baraco Sizzler, in Memnagar, opposite Memnagar Fire station.

An Uber cab took me to the venue in 35 minutes and I reached there by 2.25pm. The late arrival was never intended but there was some issue with the availability of cabs.It took me almost 30 minutes to get a confirmed booking instead of usual 15 minutes. I principally avoid reaching late and prefer to adhere the scheduled timings.

I have never been to any bloggers' meet earlier and this is my first meet. My son has actually motivated me to attend as he says, these are good fun and good for networking (I never understood this digital marketing term). I have accepted the invite for two reasons. One, I found a connect with Priya immediately through messages and second I love meeting people.

As I reached the venue, I was received very warmly by Bharatiben from the Cafe Baraco . Bharatiben is very unassuming and warm person. After an initial introductory round, little gupshup, the food started pouring in. It continued for almost 2 hours.

It started with soups. Two soups -"Thai leek cilantro" and "Mexican de beans cilantro" were served in buns. Thai leek cilantro soup was milder, less spicy while Maxican de beans cilantro was spicy, true to its origin.
Thai leek cilantro Soup

Soups were followed by starters. Crispy veg in chilli coriander sauce, Sunehra Mushroom, Cheese chilly kababs and peri-peri- focaccia sandwiches.
Crispy veg in chilli coriander sauce
The crispy veg in chilli coriander sauce has distinct and refreshing taste of every ingredient in the name  and  has crispiness in every bite.

Cheese chilly kababs 
The kababs have soft cheesy centre and tastiest when eaten hot.

Sunehra Mushroom
Sunhera mushroom is an unusual starter. I am not a mushroom fan, but have fallen in love with mushroom in this new avatar.

Peri-peri- focaccia sandwiches
This peri-peri focaccia is the best seller item of the outlet. The moment,you have a bite and you know, why it's a winner.

Main Course:

Main course was a  mix of sizzlers and great Indian food.
Mexican executive veg sizzler in bbq sauce

Baraco Special Sizzler
Each one of steaming hot sizzlers were a complete meal in itself. With lots of stir-fry vegetables, tikkies,rice, salad and sauces their taste lingers on. 

Indian spread consists of  vegetable lahori, paneer amritsari, missi roti, tandoori roti, tava roti and tandoori prantha. I never expected to have authentic north Indian food, popularly known as punjabi food at Cafe Baraco. 
The Indian food spread
I wish, the desserts were calorie free, so that one can have them without guilt.
Red Velvet pastry

Choco lava cupcakes

Choco apple tart
The plating were equally exquisite as the desserts. Good to look at and great to eat. Apple tart is my weakness and they were just so good. The cinnamon- apple flavour was so heavenly. 

Mocktails and Shakes:
The mocktails have very interesting names: Virgin Colada, The Passion Tornado, French Kiss, Orange Lime Relaxer and Safe Sex on the Beach. :)  

The shakes served were strawberry shake, blueberry shake, brownie shake and kitkat shake. 


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