Veggie Street Foods : From Around the Globe

The cultural experience represented by a country’s gastronomy is perhaps one of the most pleasurable aspects of travel. Despite that vegetarians also face obstacles like navigating street food scenes sometimes. But fear not! With a bit of research and an adventurous spirit, ample meat-free options are waiting to be discovered in every corner of the globe. A keen vegetarian traveller, I have now created a mouth-watering list of a dozen visceral vegetarian street food fares that will satisfy your hunger while at the same time immersing you in the authentic flavours of every country you visit. 

I have not added the vegetarian street foods of my beloved India in this post. You can check out the details here

1. Gozleme – Turkey

Ready to eat Gozleme
(Pic credits Wikipedia)

Dishes like Gozleme which are solely vegetarian are one the Turkish street foods everyone likes. It is the world’s tastiest and most popular Turkish flat puff. It has a lot of different delicious ingredients inside. Make your Greek sandwich by choosing a spinach and feta filling and seeing it bubbly and browned on the griddle. Get ready to bite into the savoury cheese treat.

Pisang Goreng - Banana fritters
(Pic credits Wikipedia)

2. Pisang Goreng – Malaysia

An essence of Southeast Asia, this snack Pisang Goreng is a perfect combination of the sweetness of banana and deep-fried batter. Add honey to it to extend the delicacy sense, and then enjoy the balance in every bite.

3. Langos – Hungary

(Pic Credits - Wikipedia)

Langos, which can be considered as a variation of pizza but designed to be full of pleasure as well as mouthwatering, is one of the most loved street foods in this country. This dish is rustic bread that is deep-fried and nice when it is sliced and comes with the aromas of grated Gruyère cheese, sour cream, and garlic oil. Every bite offers you a new combination of those savoury flavours. Do think contact this culinary masterpiece in your exploration.

(Pic Credits - Wikipedia)
4. Pretzel – Germany

If you plan to visit Germany on vacation, you must try the old-time pretzel with you. This veggie-friendly treat has a crispy shell and soft doughy interior and is a perfect street food to fulfil your cravings for food when walking down walking busy streets of Germany.

5. Trdlník – Czech Republic

Trdlnik being baked in Prague
(Pic courtesy Wikipedia)

Are you ready to fall under the charm of streusles Trdelník? Have you ever thought that you could impress your taste buds while resting in the Republic of Czech? Furthermore, cucuruz is another type of food that is popular among local people, especially on a festive day, not only this food that has been well-known, also known as Chimney cake, but this delicious food consists of dough wrapped around a stick and cooked on an open fire before being coated in cinnamon, sugar, and sometimes walnuts. Whether eaten plain or filled with ice cream or cream, Traditional lovable or modern Trdelník is not going to let you down.

6. Liège Waffles—Belgium

Liege Waffles
(Pic Credits - Wikipedia)

Satisfying your sweet food craving is possible with a bite of Liege Waffles, one of the signature dishes among the Belgians. These design unusual waffles are cooked until they reach a golden brown colour and only an icing sugar dusting is necessary to add the last sparkling touch to their beauty. If you need a bit more pleasure, decorate them with a generous breeze of sumptuous dark chocolate and enjoy the world of taste all for yourself.

7. Mango Sticky Rice – Thailand’

Mango Sticky Rice
(Pic Credits Wikipedia)

Take your taste buds to the lost paradise with a revealing of the heavenly taste of Mango Sticky Rice. The mixture of mango, glutinous rice and coconut milk that has created a sweet, creamy dessert is the perfect finishing touch for a meal that tells the experience of Thai cuisine. Please take advantage of it throughout the mango season as we try to provide you with the best culinary experience.

8. Bagels –New York

(Pic Credits- Wikipedia)
New York City's colourful streets are no stranger to the bagel hegemony as these street food vehicles rule the streets without a peep. Bagels are a staple food enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Having their shiny crust and chewy interior, New York-style bagels are a lovely veg-friendly pleasure that does just great for breakfast and any time of the day. These institutions might be savored with cream cheese or consumed without any other accessory but the only way to find that out is by visiting the Big Apple.

9. Ramen – Japan

(Pic Credits - Wikipedia)

As for Japan which is famous for meat-oriented dishes, vegetarians will not be denied the opportunity to taste the great dish this country provides. The veggie ramen has a nice flavour that works well with the different vegetables and shiitake mushrooms in broth which gives it a deep background and deed. Savour every moment by not leaving Japan without going through the Japanese bowl of this iconic dish.

10. The Vietnamese Iced coffee – Vietnam.

Survive the heat of the Vietnamese sun with a perfect companion, a flavorful glass of Iced Vietnamese Coffee. The drip filtering is made quickly and then flavoured with sweetened condensed milk, and the end product is a wonderful brew of sweetness and strength. Be immersed in the streets of Vietnam, savouring the incredible tastes of one of the country's most loved hot-brewed beverages.

11. Falafel – Israel

Pita Falafel Sandwitch
(Pic Courtesy Wikipedia)

Along the Mediterranean Sea coast, Tel Aviv is unanimously considered the foodie capital, and its old-fashioned falafel beats all contenders. These crispy small balls with a unique flavour and taste are perfectly sweetened with the hummus tahini sauce and fresh Israeli bread. Set off on a gastronomy tour to the bustling markets of Tel Aviv and experience how authentic Tel-Avivian street food is made.

12. Gelato – Italy

(Pic courtesy Wikipedia)

No culinary journey would be complete without a taste of Italy's famous gelato. Indulge your sweet tooth with a scoop of this creamy delight, available in an endless array of flavours. From honest chocolate and pistachio to vast varieties,  Italian gelato offers a sensory experience like no other. Spoil yourself by ordering a cone or a cup and enjoy this delicious treat to the fullest. 

From the savoury delights of Turkey to the sweet treats of Italy, vegetarian street food offers a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse culinary landscapes of the world. So venture off the beaten path, explore local markets, and indulge in the rich flavours of these delicious dishes during your travels.

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