The World’s Famous Street Food Cities

In these times of virtual life, when virtual offices, virtual friends, and virtual expressions, let us all go together on a virtual street food tour to the world's popular street food cities. Let us walk along the bustling streets of some of the world's most vibrant cities and encounter the vivid colours of the street food scenes that define them. So, wear your belt and hop on to this flight of fancy by "PetpujaDotCom & awsome_foodie", right here, right now. The best part is, that you need not stand in visa offices or burn out thousands of currency!

We are embarking on to the Southeast Asian country Thailand first. 

Bangkok, Thailand:

Famously called the "Land of Grins" and the "Street Food Capital of the World", Bangkok is a city where one is spoilt for choice in terms of food delicacies. The combination of the spiciness of tom yum noodles and the sweet mango sticky rice is a journey for the senses with every bite. With pad Thai, prepared right in front of you and fried bugs from street vendors, you can whet your appetite.

Hurry up folks.. our next flight is ready for the Central American capital - Mexico City.

Mexico City, Mexico:

Mexico City is graced by the pungent smells of tacos al pastor, sizzling on the open grills, and the smoky scent of the elite, that is, grilled corn, slathered with mayonnaise, chilli powder, and cotija cheese. Whether it is the small taco stand or the crowded Mercado de la Merced market, everywhere you will discover a new gastronomic adventure for your taste buds.

Let us move on to the West Asian country, Turkiye.  

Istanbul, Turkey:

The street food of Istanbul is a mix of different cultures and tastes, which illustrate the city's long history and varied cultural influences. Visit the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar where the aroma of freshly roasted kebabs and börek of mouth-watering flaky goodness with cheese or meat are floating. You are not going to miss the opportunity to drink a cup of nice Turkish tea while gazing at the panorama around you.

Now to my beloved India!

Mumbai, India:

The city is not only dubbed as the "City of Dreams" but also a paradise for food lovers because of the wide arrays of shops along the streets with the vendors selling all kinds of spicy snacks such as vada pav which consists of potato fritters in soft buns and crispy bhelpuri which is more like a tangy snack made with vegetable ingredients, puffed rice and some kinds Follow the fragrance of street food to Chowpatty Beach and savour many delicacies from all the varieties on offer while the sun slowly disappears behind the Arabian Sea.

Hey folks, let us be ready to board a flight to  Vietnam. 

Hanoi, Vietnam:

At the lively Hanoi streets, pho, a delicious soup with many spices, is served. People are tempted either to go to the multiple stalls or food markets. Taste a little bit of this unique soup with rare herbs and meat, or crunch down to a Vietnamese sandwich, banh mi filled with spicy chilis, pickled vegetables, and a special sauce.

Our next trip, we have three options - by air, by road and by sea. Which one would you like to take? Pick up your favourite mode of travel and let us meet at the South Korean capital, Seoul. 

Seoul, South Korea:

From the spicy and savoury kimchi Raju to the buttery and dairy-free tteokbokki, the Seoul street food scene caters to all taste buds. Walk down dozens of shopping arcades in Myeongdong and Namdaemun and check out all the diverse food from scorching bowls of bibimbap to hot and crunchy hotteok, a type of Korean-filled pancake. Put a lid over the mouth of the main course and swallow everything down with a fresh glass of like, which is a sweet rice drink that is perfect for combating the crazy spicy taste of Korean cuisine.

I am sure, you have enjoyed this journey around the world, via vibrant street-food cultures of some of the most exciting cities on Earth. Thank you very much for joining us on this gastronomic journey. May your travels be always in the best way with the best culinary experiences!

I love this virtual travel and experiencing the best of culinary experiences without any worries about calories. 😁😀😜😋

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All of our appreciation goes out to you, for having joined us in the fascinating voyage started at street food marketplaces. Let's carry on with this journey, learning, and listening and you know you're not alone. Your accompaniment to this unparalleled journey was greatly appreciated. While we blazed a trail to the wonderful street food markets, a lot was observed and experienced. Keep on exploring and experiencing, and delight in those scrumptious meals. Enjoy any of our delectable dishes as we go exploring our vast culinary ventures.

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