Desserts and Sweets from the Streets


As a kid in the sixties, my first memory of sweet street food is kulfi or ice cream. As my childhood was spent on a university campus, no outside vendors were allowed on the campus. I remember how excited we (me and my sister) were when we used to go to the market or visit family friends outside campus. It was here when we saw these street vendors selling their sweet fare. The Kulfi vendor had a lottery system. there was a mould of a hand which the buyers (mostly children) had to press. On pressing the mould, a slip comes out with a number. If it comes with a number 3, the seller will give 3 kulfis for the price of one. Most of the time, it is one. I remember being lucky a few times and that feeling of getting more than one for the price of one was too overwhelming. 😊😋

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From humble carts to busy markets, street vendors all over the world immortalize their blend of sugary savouries that make the stomach turn and awaken a sense of nostalgia. Shoulder to shoulder with us, let us take you on the journey into the world of street sweets anchored in the belief that there is something beyond cultural obstacles that unify us in the face of sweet street delicacies.

1. Churros: In Spanish Class

Spain is the origin of churros. They are made of flour dough, fried, and incorporated into the street food cuisine of many countries. Fried dough snacks, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, are commonly served hot and delicious with indulgent chocolate sauce to dip within. Whichever way the customers choose in the churros, be it a morning snack or a midnight craving it didn’t disappoint. What they need is the sweet and indulgent churros.

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2. Turkish Delight: At the Taste of the Middle East

Let us go back to the local streets of Istanbul with a flavour of Turkish delight. These tender, sugary candies with a texture similar to that of chewing gum are a product of the combination of sugar, starch and flavourings such as rosewater or citrus, where the sweetness starts zipping through all the senses with that every moment. It is of no doubt that Turkish delight is a delightful confection that is covered with icing sugar or broken nuts. It is a product of a long history of Turkish cooking.

3. Taiwanese Bubble Tea: A Nitely Modern Touch.

Tea gives the refreshing effects, and the tapioca pearls give the fun of the bubble tea. The combination of these Taiwanese bubble teas is one of the best that has taken up the world Street food entrepreneurs invent this image-marked beverage by mixing tea, milk or fruit flavourings with chewy tapioca balls, to come up with a drink that is equally fun to watch as it is delicious. This beverage comes with an intelligently oversized straw that enables you to swallow the ball while enthusiastically slurping up the pearls, bubble tea is a playful and a joy to drink which is satisfying when you are thirsty during summer.

4. Mexican Tres Leches Cake

The Tres Leches cake is a moist sponge cake, in which the juices of three milks (evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream) are soaked.  It is a dessert every sweet tooth would love to savour. Topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, tres leches cake offers a symphony of flavours and textures that's sure to leave you craving for more.

5. Indian Jalebi 

Fillings in these spiral fritters are less typical than in other small pastries. They are modelled on spiral shapes, made from flour batter, and soaked in sugar syrup. These fritters are immensely popular during celebrations and festivals. The range of street sweets is wide. Jalebi is crispy from the outside, and syrupy inside. 

6. French Crêpes: A slice of heaven, no thicker than us.

Stroll through the streets of Paris with a crêpe you have just laid your hands on for breakfast to sample the multicultural French cuisine! These thin crepes with amazing taste are cooked to perfection on a griddle and filled with either full of sweet fillings like Nutella, fresh fruits or some sophisticated sauces. Wrapped like a simple cone, crêpes are the definition of the finest street food beyond elegance. They provide a tasty mixture of very simple and elegant components.

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7. Thai Mango Sticky Rice: Tropical Beauty

Taste the heavenly combination of Thai mango sticky rice and escape into tropical paradise. This exquisite and incredibly tasty dessert features mango slices, sweet coconut-infused sticky rice, and irresistible coconut cream sauce as its very foundation. Rich in flavours and textures, mango sticky rice creates a celebration of taste in every mouthful.

8. Italian Cannoli

Indulge in the Italian favourite flavours by trying a real crispy cannoli. These cannoli, tubular pastries filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and sometimes decorated with chocolate chips and candied fruit, as a noteworthy alternating event of crisp and soft textures, both outside and inside. Whether you have been eyeing them as a mid-day snack or something to indulge in as a post-dessert, cannoli always carry the spirit of how amazing Italian pastry making and street food culture can be.

9. Japanese Taiyaki: Sweet And Tasty

Savour Japan's most popular street food Taiyaki, it is fish-shaped waffles filled with various treats such as red bean paste, custard and Nutella. The fish-shaped mould that taiyaki is steamed to perfection with is simply cute and brilliant. Its wonderful taste can immediately please customers. Whether you prefer to eat it right out of the pan or pack it up and take it on the run, teriyaki is bound to impress you with its eye-catching look and great taste.

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10. Brazilian Brigadeiro

Get over your sweet taste with just one ice cream in a little Brazilian size. All these truffles, which are made from condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter, are garnished with chocolate sprinkles that add a little more extra to the taste of the truffles. With the possibility of having them on the go for a snack, that is quite mobile, brigadiero may be the best street food in the town. Also bringing everyone a smile with just a single bite is their aim.

The world of street sweets encompasses a wide range of goodies, not only classic favourites but also refreshing modern creations, which all reflect the kaleidoscope of cultural road mixes. No matter whether you are looking for something that will satisfy your sweet tooth, or are just eager to try new things, the world of street sweets provides a place for unchaining your curious side and for embracing the joy of finding tasty sweets when being on a roll. 

But the next time when you roam any city in search of food, don't forget to treat yourself to dessert because standing in line for a specific sweet will be worth it! 

All of our appreciation goes out to you, for having joined us in the fascinating voyage started at street food marketplaces. Let's carry on with this journey, learning, and listening and you know you're not alone. Your accompaniment to this unparalleled journey was greatly appreciated. While we blazed a trail to the wonderful street food markets, a lot was observed and experienced. Keep on exploring and experiencing, and delight in those scrumptious meals. Enjoy any of our delectable dishes as we go exploring our vast culinary ventures.

Enjoy your dessert!

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  1. Oh my! I am salivating just by reading your post. I love sweets and deserts too!

  2. Thank you for your enthusiastic response! It's wonderful to hear that the post sparked such a delicious reaction. Sweets and desserts have a magical way of tantalising the taste buds, don't they? I'm thrilled to share the joy of indulging in these delectable treats with you. Let's continue to celebrate the sweet side of life together!


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