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I am sure, anyone wh
o is a keen food blogger will  never miss a chance to visit Indore. I had an invitation to attend the reception of my most lovable and youngest sister in law's son. It was organised by the family of her daughter in law. They got married in USA during Corona curfew. it was only now, when they could manage to visit India and the families of both sides were excited to host their family and friends to celebrate the union of their children. As "ladki wale" are based in Indore, all ladke wale were invited to be part of their celebrations in Indore. 

I and RB were to join the party from Ahmedabad. There were no good connection via  flight or train so we just hit the road to cover a distance of 400 km by our sexy red i20. The best part of driving by car is that there is no limit to luggage. It is all free. More the variety,more the fun. 😉So our luggage included two medium-sized suitcases, a bag of footwears and a bag of all kits - makeup kits, medicine kit, jewellery kit etc. Besides this, a bag of travel munchies and breakfast was also taken. Afterall, pehle petpuja fir kaam duja. 😋

On our road travels, we  take our own tea and maska bun for the breakfast on the go. We stopped  on a roadside bay, around 9..9.30 AM, which is our breakfast time at home.  This helps us to stretch our limbs and freshen up. 

One major drawback of this route (NH47) was the absence of any good eating and toilet facilities. the only decent place I found was "Midway Treat Hotel Restaurant Resort", 100 km before Indore. For freshening up, you can ask petrol pumps, if they have washrooms.

@Midway Resort - The only decent place on NH47, between Indore & Ahmedabad

We reached the wedding venue around 4PM. The mehendi ceremony was going on. I had my mehendi done along with tea and aloo vada, with imli saunth and green chutney. Delicious and different in taste than what I have in Ahmedabad. 

Wedding is a place for gup-shup and eating with the family and friends.  This wedding has very different menu than what we are used to of in any North Indian wedding. The snacks served with tea were aloo vada, dhokla, saboodana vada, imarti, jalebi etc. I might have forgotten few. Usually in marriages snacks served are heavy like paneer pakodas, kababs etc, but here all snacks were light and delicious. I loved it. 

The reception had elaborate  platter. The Chinese corner has the munchurian and all allied fixtures. Frankly speaking, I have not entered this side. I do not opt for Chinese when there is indian cuisine is also available. The snacks are the king when we talk about Indorian food. The kachori was the queen. How can I not mention the "aagre ka bada", which I expected to be dahi bada but was urad daal bada with chutnies minus dahi. Delicious and spicy. Fried suran / zimikand with buknu named "gararu" was something which I can never imagine in my worst dreams to be given a place in the wedding feast. But it was good. I thought of trying it in airfryer. Frying at home is kept at minimum for the sake of healthy eating and weight management. These two are the worst fears of any food blogger.😏 

They have a special masala, which is called bukunu and should not be mistaken for chaat masala. Hing / aesafoetida is one of the main ingredient in many . Paani - puri, baajre ki khichadi and soup were few of the options which stayed with me even after coming back home. I did not click any photos as I wanted to enjoy the moment. 

The main course has some unusual food items, which I have never seen in any wedding in North India. Bitter gourd, brinjal, small onion etc must be feeling honoured to rub their cheeks with ever popular paneer dishes, daal, saag, salads etc. the makka roti was cut into small pieces and was floating on a sea of ghee. It was a sight to behold. I love sarson ka saag  and makka roti during winters. Since it is too much of an effort to cook them at home, every winter season, I eat these at least 3 times every season. Sweetdishe counter has the always popular in winters, jalebi - rabari, gulab jamun and badam ka halwa. I have not been eating sweets for last two months only to eat to fill my heart in this Indorian wedding. Yeah, recently diagnosed with border line diabetes. Methi ki puri was a new item which I have never seen in any wedding. It was delicious. Poori, tawe ki roti, tandoori breads were rubbing for attention as most of the guests were opting for methi ki poori. 

On the third day, we were to leave for Ahmedabad after breakfast. The flavour at breakfast table was fusion of South and North indian popular foods. The idli, vada, sambhar, chutney were competing with aloo-poori-halwa. 

And then with packed lunch trays and a thermos of tea, we started back for Ahmedabad. Thus, we brought some of Indorian flavours with us. 

What I missed was daal bafla, though it is said to a cousin of daal baati or litti chokha. 

May be some other time. 

Now, I am looking for Indorian snacks in Ahmedabad !


  1. you should try bhutte ka kis whenever you are in Indore.


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