Mother's Day Celebrations on Petpuja Dot Com Podcast


As you know, I have a podcast about food by the same name - Petpuja Dot Com

I had earlier shared some episodes with my readers. Today, after a long hiatus, I have shared a few podcasts celebrating "Mother's Day". 

We all know that one day for mom is not enough, but when we assign a day, it forces us to think about her. There is no day when we do not think about mom but when we celebrate her as her, this is the day. When I asked for messages on Mother's day, many said, they have never thought about it. This thought of writing a message has taken them to their childhood memories. Is it not wonderful? 

I am sharing the links to three mother's Day episodes on my podcast channel. Pls do listen. You can record an audio comment on the podcast. 

1. Mother's Day Celebration in Petpuja Dot Com

2. Mother's Day Open Mic messages to Moms

3. Message to mom

You can connect with on their socials - Instagram & Facebook too. 

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