Five Foods starting from letter "X"

From letter X, there are no eatables in Indian cuisine, at least not so common. So I looked for dishes, fruits, or vegetables starting from "X" from around the world. There are many but I am sharing only five of them here. From my research, I could find 26 food items starting from letter "X". 

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1. Xylitol - It is a naturally occuring additive in some plants and is categories as sugar alcohol. It looks and tastes like sugar with 40% less calories, so a weight watcher's friend. :) It does not raise blood sugar levels and dentists recommend chewing-gums with Xylitol. 

2. XO Sauce - It is a spicy sauce made in Hongkong. This sauce is a blend of chilly , ham, dried garlic and scallops. This seafood based is popular in Chinese regions as a staple.

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3. Xinpec - The fresh salsa is made with oranges juice, and spicy habanero peppers along with onion , and tomato. The habanero gives this salsa a kick while orange juice gives it a nice refreshing zing. Serve it with tacos, chips and even toasts. It is originated in Yucatan region of Mexico.

Little one enjoying chilled Xigua!

4.Xigua - It is the Chinese or west African name of our desi "tarbooz", the
summer refreshing fruit, watermelon. It is the most popular summer fruit and is eaten alone or as part of the fruit salad. Add it to a mixer, grind and a fresh refreshing juice with fibre is ready in seconds. Pronounced as  “she gwah”.

Our Desi Tarbooj

5. Xanthia - This xanthia is a beverage. A cocktail made with gin, cherry brandy and chartreuse. It is also the name of a Greek Goddess and a moth. 

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