What You Should Not Order From A Restaurant?

 When we go to a restaurant, there is always a bottle of tomato ketchup. Ever thought, for how long has this bottle been there? Is it ever cleaned before being refilled? 🙍From drastically high-end and overpriced place to ordinary dhaba or roadside eatery, there are some items that should never be ordered. 

Anything raw should be avoided.

1. Avoid the lemon garnishing or the lemon slices in your drink. According to The Journal Of Environmental Health, the study of 76 lemons in 21 different eateries pointed that 53 had microbial growth out of which 7 had E - Coli. I hear yuck from you. 😏

2. Avoid eating raw sprouts. Actually, I avoid ordering or buying raw sprouts even from vegetable delivery apps or shops. Sprouts need a warm temperature which can be a breeding ground for microbes.

3. "Special Soup of the day" needs to be avoided. It is a perfect way to reuse or recycle the leftovers of yesterday and present them as fresh dishes.

Soup from Unsplash
4. The Green chutneys or green smoothies to be avoided as these have uncooked greens which if not washed properly can be a cause of food poisoning.

5. Bread baskets should be a no-no. Instead, order your bread hot and as per your need. Many restaurant workers tell that chances are your breadbasket has some old, stale bread pieces along with fresh ones or even a bread piece picked up from another basket's leftover.

6. Avoid salads while having meals in a buffet. 

7. Avoid ordering mix-vegetable as it is mostly laden with cheap vegetables and many times stale vegetables. 

Photo by Julia Zolotova on Unsplash

8. Anything which is a fixed serving on the table like tomato sauce, chutney(s), pickle box, or even a vinegar onion. If these are not changed with every guest, avoid taking from the table spread. Instead, ask for a fresh bowl of servings.

9. Avoid eating salads or anything raw. 

10. Flavoured water made with fresh veggies or leaves. The chances are the lemon slices or basil leaves or anything might be there for a very long time in the water and maybe spoiled.

So, next time you go out to eat, keep these in mind and have a wonderful experience out there!


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