Kanji - The Fermented Drink

Prebiotics have come into forefront these days. They are nothing but live bacteria which are good for our digestive system. Our body is full of bacteria. Some are said to be good bacteria which help in the digestion. Others are those, which make us sick. And to kill them and the infection we all have to eat antibiotics. 

We all know the importance of prebiotic in keeping our gut healthy. And I am sure, you must have remembered the advertisement about a processed prebiotic drink where Shilpa Shetty Kundra spreads the awareness about taking care of the intestines. 

In India we always prefer to eat fresh food. So, your search for prebiotic can end at home made curd or yoghurt. Another prebiotic home made drink is named Kanji. Kanji is a popular drink in North India. This drink is taken around the Holi festival when the days are getting warmer but not yet hot. The temperature is right for any kind of fermentation. Indian traditional wisdom suggests that the food items should be consumed according to season. Kanji is taken only in the month of March in North India. The temperature required for fermentation is right and since festival binging needs some good digestive, Kanji serves both purposes. And in appearance, it can give goosebumps to even red wine. 

Kanji - As beautiful as red wine.

Kanji is traditionally made with black carrots but these are not to be found at many places. It can be made with red desi carrot and beetroot. 

If you have an urge to drink kanji in summers, when there is no carrot available, you can make kanji vada. This is equally delicious and digestive. 

Recipe -

Black carrots or red carrots & beetroot, Grounded red rai, Black salt, red chilies (optional), salt to taste, and water. A glass or ceramic jar.

Method - After peeling and washing, slit carrot and beetroot like fingers. Add the cut carrots and beetroot in boiled and cooled to warm temperature water. Add grounded rai, black salt, and salt to taste. If spice is important to your taste buds, add chilies for that additional spicy kick. You can skip chilies if you are not so fond of spices. Mix well. Keep it in the sun for 2 to 3 days. It would be better if instead of a lid, cover it with a muslin cloth. You can use even an old cotton hankey to cover it. Once ready, remove it from the sun and keep it in the fridge or indoors. It will increase its life. 

For kanji vada, make small size urad dal vadas like dahi vadas. Dip them in warm water with grounded rai, salt, black salt, chilies. Keep it in sunlight for fermentation. It is ready to eat and drink in 2-4 days' time. It depends upon the temperature outside. 

Desi prebiotic- Kanji
Kanji is a good digestive, so drink in moderation. Kanji is ready in 2 to 3 days. Once ready, keep it in fridge as it tastes better when cool. Finish it in maximum two days. After that it's kicky taste is lost. 

Happy digestion!😀


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