Podcast about Food by Petpuja.Com

  I have recently started my podcast channel named petpuja.com.

Let me tell you the fact.  😊I have joined a BootCamp organized by the most well-known podcasting application - Anchor. You can bring it down from Google play for android smartphones. This can be accessed through the website if you are working on a laptop. Since we have to start a new podcast for the boot camp, I started one for food. This channel will be informative, fun, and interactive. The only thing which is common will be that we will only talk about food. 

In this boot camp, I have to upload one episode every week for five weeks. The first episode which I hade uploaded yesterday was about the most well-known street food of India - Golguppa.

I am sharing the link below- 


Just listen to this episode and you will be looking at golguppe with much love and respect. 😊😉


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    1. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to support for being motivated to create good stuff.

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