Good morning Folks !

I got up early today, around 5.15 am, fifteen minutes before the my alarm could shake me up. I have always been an early morning person but lately for around 7--8 years, I had changed this habit and became late sleeper and late riser. Now again catching up the good old habit. 

Being Sunday, there was no yoga class. I did whole body flexibility and few weights exercises. I want to be little lazy today. 😋

I had brunch of millet- mix veg roti with chaas and home made chilli pickle at around 11.30 am. Mango is one fruit, I can never resist. I have located a mango orchard near my place and I usually buy fresh organic mangoes from her only. The mango made it sumptuous and satisfying meal. 

The day remained hectic but I was busy doing something which I loved. And it was time for evening tea. I am trying to decrease/ control/ replace these snacks which I really enjoy with my tea as these are store bought, fried and have high salt. In my weight loss journey, this is the toughest part. 

After shifting my gaze to millets, I have discovered that they keep me full till my dinner time, which is around 7.15 PM. I won't deny eating salad or fruit in between. So by tea time, I am not feeling hungry but you know the tongue and taste calls for over eating. I curbed my urge of tea time snacks by reducing the quantity of snacks and adding 2 Marie biscuits. 

Dinner was paneer lababdaar, bhindi, ghiya raita, aam panna and ghiya-wadi (last night's leftover) with millet roti, wheat roti, paranthe and poori. 

Sony boy had bhindi and paneer with wheat roti.

Papa had paneer, aam panna and ghiya raita with poori. He ended his dinner with a scoop of Havmor kulfi. 

I had millet roti with everything except bhindi. RB had wheat paranthas.

And it was time to call it a day. 

Xo Xo