Re-invention of a Food Blogger

I am seeing a change in myself for last few months. It might be lockdown induced or age is the culprit. I am not sure about it but
I am neither keen to cook / try new recipes nor eating out. So how will I survive as a food blogger? 🤔

The web space is filled with umpteen recipes of different cuisines but I am not motivated to try. 😞 Going out is still not safe, specially for people in their fifties and beyond. I belong to this cadre only. 👵
When the lock down started almost an year ago, I have tried my hands on so many sweets like jalebi, balushahi etc and cuisines like Mexican, Italians etc as everybody else. I was wondering if I am getting ready to compete with the best sweetmart of the city 🤔.I think, this was an effort on behalf of all the mothers to bring in some happy times under the shocking and totally unexpected circumstances for the family. Food, as we all know is a great fun factor in life.

Cooking was never very exciting for me. I developed interest in cooking for my children. I used to try new healthy and nutritious recipes for them. Slowly I found that I enjoy cooking anything but the routine meals. I grew as a cook (like most of the mothers) as my children grew their taste buds. And as they fly away to explore the world, my interest in cooking diminished. No one (read husband 👨) can ever appreciate your cooking as your own children. 😋
As the restaurants,  eating joints and home deliveries had been resumed, I started utilizing their services. After all, we have some responsibilities towards country's economic progress.😋 Though I ordered only from the restaurants who follow WHO Covid Protocols. 
Before ordering from restaurants, I had used services of home chefs near my place. Availability of such services help in giving respite from cooking and a new taste to family. 

Food bloggers generally write their own experience about cooking and review restaurants. As I said, I am loosing interest in cooking, so sharing of recipes is not an option now. I have not yet  resumed eating out. 
So what should I be doing to be a good food blogger? I need to reinvent myself to remain as a food blogger. I am sharing few ideas which may find some interest with the readers.
* I have a knack of simplifying any chore, specially if it's not in  enjoyable category. I am planning to share this kind of wisdom with young mothers, whose hands are full with managing household, baby and many times a career too.
* New gadgets which are really a game changer in simplifying the kitchen chores in particular and home affairs in general. 
* Bringing in the traditional food wisdom to the forefront.
* Busting the myths about food.
* New ideas about food business.
I would love to know from my readers, what else they expect from me and my writings.
Pls do comment and oblige me with your suggestions