Kitchen is really the heart of every home and a hot spot too! The hotness increases as the days get warmer. It becomes difficult to the extent of being impossible to work in the kitchen during hot months. 

Traditionally, kitchen is supposed to be "office" of the lady of the house. Now as women have started breaking the barriers and working in offices, factories, schools etc , the kitchen is handed over to cooks - maharaj ( male cook) or maharajin (female cook). The COVID 19 has brought back the family members back to the warmth of kitchen. With the new normal of "WFH" ,  both partners working and no entry  of any helpers  in the kitchen, life in the kitchen is going to be tough, with  summer is almost knocking at the door. 

In Indian kitchen, the gas stove is the most used cooking appliance. The flame does not allow the use of fan in the kitchen. So, we need to change the source of heat to use fan in the kitchen to disperse the heat and make it somewhat cooler. 

Induction stove comes to the rescue. Induction cook tops works on the principle of electrical induction rather than thermal conduction of a flame or  an electrcal heating element. You need cooking vessels which have ferromagnetic material like cast iron or stainless steel. Heat is coming from inside of the vessel which makes this cooking style much efficient. Copper and aluminium pans won't work unless they have a layer of magnetic material.

Induction cooktops heat the vessel directly. They boil water 50 % faster than the gas or electric stoves. The ceremic surface stays relatively cool, so any spillovers are not burnt and are relatively easy to clean. 

An electric current is passed through a coiled copper wire underneath the cooking surface, which creates a magnetic current throughout the cooking pan to produce heat. Because induction doesn’t use a traditional outside heat source, only the element in use will become warm due to the heat transferred from the pan. Induction cooking is more efficient than traditional electric and gas cooking because little heat energy is lost. Like other traditional cooktops, the evenly heated pots and pans then heat the contents inside through conduction and convection.


Advantages of Induction cook top -

1. Boil 50% faster

As induction creates instant heat within the metal of pots and pans, no heat is wasted in the process. This results in water  boil up to 50% faster on induction cooktops as compared to electric cooktops. 

2. Precise temperature control

Induction allows you to control heat more precisely, as opposed to conduction (electric and gas cooktops). This better temperature control reduces the risk of over or under cooking. Consistent heat delivers tasty results every time.

3. Easy-to-clean surface

Induction has a smooth surface, much like modern electric cooktops. Almost immediately after you finish cooking, the cooktop itself will be cool enough to easily clean whatever mess is left behind.

4. Auto-sizing burners

Induction heats through an electromagnetic current passed into the pots and pans in use. The induction cooktops use Auto Sizing pan detection to place heat where it’s needed, by automatically adjusting to cookware size.

Installation of Induction cook top -

Bring it, plug it , switch it on and start cooking. It cant's get easier than this. :)


Induction may sound like a complicated new technology that leaves you wondering how it can make your cooking experience better. The time you save with 50 percent faster heating and easy cleanup are just the beginning of how induction cooktops will revolutionize the way you cook. And the biggest advantage is the use of fan while cooking. It definitely is a great help in summers. 

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