The lock-down and even unlocking both have changed the life up side down in the pandemic of COVID 19. The outdoors have totally gone for a toss. The COVID 19 message before every telephonic call has ingrained in mind that it's safe to be at home. 😋
I am only going out if it's unavoidable. But we need to post the pics on social media. 😃 
Social media has become our window to the world. 

As they say, a picture is worth thousand words, we have to click good pics. 
Being a food blogger, my feed on social media is mostly about food. It has to be some great cooking at home or about a great eating space. It might be an interview with a chef or information on healthy lifestyle. The staying at home has mostly hit our visits to restaurants and having fun with friends. 
But come what may, we need to keep our  social media handles alive and kicking. For this we need great photo bites. I am listing few interesting, quirky and must have platters to make your social media pics worth a million dollars. I am also sharing the link from where you can buy too. (If you buy from the affiliate links, I will get nominal payments without any effect on the price offered to you through the links). So, I have done the toughest part of selection for you. 😋. 


1. This bottle platter is so unique and good to look at. it has been made from recycled glass bottle. The neck has been corked off to  prevent spillage.You can use it to serve salads and many more dishes. You can buy it just by clicking on the link. At the time of writing, it was of Rs. 525. Very reasonably priced. 

To buy, click on the link -

2. This wooden platter will bring the best in your presentation skills. Wooden platters are the in-thing these days. It will bring a great picture. You can share a home made pizza or a complete desi meal on this. At the time of writing this, it was of Rs. 649 only. A great buy !

To buy, click on the link - 

3. There can not be more versatile wooden platter as this one. It's hand washable. You can serve your kababs, momos, salads, desserts, supcakes, finger foods , cheese sticks, salads etc. Just the right platter to make an impressive serving! Right tool for a great picture. Social media craving satisfied. :) At the time of printing, this was priced at 749 only. Go get it now by clicking on the link :
4. This thela platter has risen the quirky meter few notch high. A must buy to serve your snacks in style! It's made up with wood and metal. you can use it to serve chapatis, snacks or sandwiches. At the time of writing, it costed rs. 1250. 

To buy this, click here - 

5. This platter is inspired from metal coal press which was used to iron the clothes. It comes with 4 skewers. It can be used to serve BBQ dishes, tikkas, cutlet, kababs etc . Without skewers, it can be used to serve rice, noodles, poha etc. At the time of printing, it costs at Rs. 950 only. Is not it a must have to show off your presentation skills to the world?
Go get it by clicking on the link  -

6. This scooter platter is a complete eye catcher on your dining table. It's perfect to serve snacks. It's priced at Rs. 950 only. I know, you cant let go of this piece.
To buy, click on the link - 

7. Have you ever thought of serving your snacks in a bath tub? :P Here is a wooden bath tub platter to serve your snacks, popcorn or even dips. You can own it in just rs. 800. 
To buy click on - 

I am sure, these out of the box designs will lighten up your dining table and social media feed like never before. 


  1. Innovative , too good and at affordable prices


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