The corona has certainly changed the way we live. The freedom to go out is curtailed and most of us who are aware about safety of everybody around are  not venturing out  unless it's absolutely necessary. So, pat your back, if you are one of those homebound souls! 
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These are the best times to add on any skill which you want to learn for a long time or brush up some. If you love to eat freshly baked cakes, muffins or bread, baking is one skill you can add to your profile. 
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Baking is always seen with awe by non bakers. :)
If you are a new initiate into baking, you need to equip your kitchen with some basic tools. 

Let's list some simplest basic tools which will make your work easy. 

Though there are many ways to make cake without an oven. But since you are adding a skill, I presume you would like to invest in an oven to try items  beyond cake. The oven comes in different sizes. The features like wattage, capacity and additional rottassiery make the price vary. I would suggest that  you plan to have a time cycle of at least 5 years,after which  you may want to change. I am sharing links of few OTGs around 20 Lt. 
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For perfect baking , one needs to take precise measurements of ingredients. A small kitchen measuring scale goes a long way to make baking successful. 
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Measuring cups and spoons are also needed to have a perfect baking output. In many recipes, ingredients are taken in cups and spoons. This set of measuring spoons and cups comes very handy to follow such recipes.
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Now you have measured all the ingredients, it's time to whisk them all. Whisking adds air to the batter which results in light and fluffy cakes. You have a choice of hand whisk or electric whiskers. Both give good results. Hand whisk consumes your calories :P before you consume them ( by eating your cake) and takes more time while electric whisker does the job faster. 
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As your batter is ready now, you need a baking dish for cake. You can have an aluminium baking dish or a non-sticking teflon coated baking dish. These days, cake tins comes with detachable base to make it easy to take out the cake.
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You may need to add a parchment paper or oil the cake tin so that cake comes out easily after baking. Silicone has been a wonder ingredient. To avoid using parchment paper, you can opt for silicone baking sheets. These are easy to clean and reusable too. In case, you want to oil the surface, you may opt for silicon brush to spread the oil in the base and sides of the tin. So, to take out cake easily, you have the three choices -
1. Silicone baking sheets
2. Parchment paper lining
3. Oiling the surface and sides of the tin. 
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Baking is not all about cakes. I am sure, you would like to bake some cookies also. To have beautiful cookies, cookie cutter set is important. 
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With these additions in your kitchen will make your kitchen baking ready. So, treat your family with new baking dishes every weekend.
PS: Baking is not a gender specific skill. Any body can learn baking. :) 

Happy Baking!


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