The Covid 19 has changed the equation between Indian household, maids and dishwashers so much so that the market is facing shortage of dishwashers. The lockdown and "no entry to maids" has forced the Indian home makers to think beyond the human help options. 
The dishwasher sales and queries have risen much beyond expectation of the market. Bosch- Siemens mentioned that they have met their monthly sales target in a week's time and LG has seen a surge of 400 - 500 % in demand of the dishwashers. 

The reason is not difficult to guess. If there is one chore that is most hated in an Indian household, it's washing the dishes. 😭 Many apartment societies are still not allowing the maids inside their premises. Then there are senior citizens living alone and  are also not comfortable with the entry of maids inside their homes for any time soon. With Covid 19 fear still lingering in the minds of the people and the acceptance of the fact that it is going to stay here, people are looking for safer options to do daily unavoidable household chores. 
Ever thought, who has made the first dishwasher? No guesses? Definitely it has to be a woman. And yes. It was innovated by a  Josephine Garis Cochran, a wealthy American woman. She wanted a machine which washes her expensive crockery better than her servants without chipping. She conceived of a machine where glasses, plates, bowls etc are confined on wire racks and washed with strong water sprays. She got her patent registered in December 1886. 

My love affair with dishwasher started six years ago and I am happy with it's presence and performance in the family.  When I had shifted to Ahmedabad in 2014, our new home was on the outskirts of the city surrounded by fields. Such areas usually have a dearth of household maids. There is no respite from washing dishes in an Indian household. To minimize my dependence on maids, I opted for installing a dishwasher. And everyday, when I enter into the spick and span kitchen in the morning, I pat my back as this proved to be one of the best decision of my life. 
Thankfully, my home is still surrounded by fields. :)
The hot, shining, dry and no water marks on utensils becomes a habit now. Having a dishwasher is really a blessing. I wash all kinds of  crockery, stainless steel, iron, plastic and even my small  marble  imam dasta and chakla also in my dishwasher. Many a times, I have also put my clay cooking vessel. 
The modern dishwasher has two shelves. I usually keep my bone china and glassware in the top level. They are mostly tea cups, bowls of different sizes and kadchi, chimta , belan etc. 
The lower shelf has the rack for plates, a spoon basket and some plain space to keep cooker, kadahi etc. The fridge bottles also come so clean. The only item which should not be put in dishwasher is the casseroles. I learnt it hard way after spoiling my favourite roti dabba. Since dishwasher uses very hot water, the joints of casserole were loosened and the internal filling which helps to keep food hot is exposed and spoilt. 

Installing a dishwasher needs basic plumbing for a water inlet and outlet, which is generally managed from the kitchen tap and drain. The best placement will be next to your kitchen sink. 
Having a dishwasher is also adding to good karmas in saving the planet as it uses much less water as compared to the maids. 
If you love your family, it is the right time to go for a dishwasher. You can click on the link given below to explore the online availability.



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  2. More than anything I felt the need of dishwashers is now!


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