What's Cooking - Interview Series With Home Cooks

What's Cooking - Interview Series  With Home Cooks

   We are starting a new series on  women in catering and cooking business. We shall be  talking to them about their  motivation, support system and how they are scaling the business. 
As young professionals have become mobile and move to another city, leaving the safety and care of the families, they yearn for home made foods. And here comes our brilliant home cooks. They work from their own kitchens, taking utmost care of hygiene and cleanliness and serve these hungry junkies with "ma ke haath jaisa khana". In the times of Zomato or Swiggy, this segment is gaining grounds as one can not eat food from restaurant, every day. These women are doing a yeoman's service to the citizens who have moved out of their homes. Many a times, people move to a new city either on transfer or change of job. The whole family does not move. These home kitchens come very handy and convenient for these people too as they do not need to maintain a full fledged kitchen complete with inventory. 
Watch out for this space.... 


  1. बहुत खूब
    एक सुंदर प्रयास के लिए बधाई व अभिनंदन
    अशेष शुभकामनाएं🌹❤🌹


    1. शुक्रिया , नीरजा से नीरजा को।
      आप ब्लॉग पर आयीं, धन्यवाद्। आती रहिये , अच्छा लगता है। अगर आप का भी कोई ऐसा ही व्यवसाय है या आप किसी को जानती हैं , तो कृपया इस ईमेल पर मेल करियेगा - petpuja12@gmail.com

  2. Hello Mrs. Neerja! Namaste! This is Vidhya Rana Vyas, Co-founder, Innovator, LoveForSalad and Founder, Wayinfinite.xyz but but underlying sagely foodie, genteel geek, mompreneur :) . I would like to know more about your blog. Let me know if I could be any help.


    1. Namaste Vidhya! Thanks for stopping by. We are having a series of posts on women foodpreneurs, to bring them into limelight or highlight their achievements. If you are running your own food enterprise from home, you fit the bill. I will be happy to know more about you. Pls mail be details on petpuja12@gmail.com
      Let's connect. Looking forward to know more about you.
      I have an innate feel that I have met you somewhere in Ahmedabad.


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