I love sweets and my weight  is still carried comfortably  in my stilettos. :)
I am  not calorie watcher and not a fan of hourglass figure. I believe in being fit and healthy which is more important than anything else .

So, having a dessert after  meal is my favourite finishing touch. :)

I like the jaggery sweets like sukhadi more than sugar sweets. This time I tried khoya barfi with jaggery.

I made  desi ghee from the milk cream at home.(Check my earlier post on making desi ghee in microwave.)

The remnants left after making ghee from milk cream is nothing but pure Khoya or mawa. I didn't want to throw it.

Khoya is used to make many sweets. But I want to make a sweet with jaggery this time. 

Wheat flour equal to Khoya is roasted on slow heat, till its aroma filled the household.

Add Khoya and mix well on slow heat. Keep stirring constantly.

 After continuous stirring  flour and Khoya mixes well. 

Add jaggery powder or crushed into small pieces. Mix well on slow flame with continuous stirring and mixing. 

After a while, the mixture will start leaving the corners of kadhai.

If you want to eat it as halwa or sheera, just serve it in a dish, garnish with dry fruits and enjoy.

To make barfi with this mixture,oil a thali and set the entire mixture in it. Level the top with a katori. Spread elaichi and cinnamon powder.

Let it set for an hour or two, inside or outside refrigerator. If kept outside, it may take more time to set.
You may sprinkle coconut powder also on top. I like coconut - jaggery flavour together, so I always add coconut powder instead of other dry fruits.

Once, it's set, cut in your favourite shape and enjoy.

If you love laddu, cool the mixture a little. Oil your palms. Pick a small amount of mixture and roll in round or cylindrical shape. Roll in coconut powder. Serve.

The best part of cooking is that there are no fixed rules which cannot be broken and this allows experimentation.

Enjoy this sweet guilt free!