Beetroot , the red attractive taproot of beet plant was always known to be very healthy food but very difficult to eat and make children eat it. We used to have a large kitchen garden and  salad was always freshly procured . I used to eat everything in the salad, radish, turnip, carrot, tomatoes, cucumber, kakdi, spinach but beetroot was one vegetable, I never developed any taste for. Mom used to try different ways to add beetroot to my food.The only way, I could have beetroot was in tomato soup. Another way which mom used to try was addition of beetroot in carrot halwa to give it better colour and make us children eat.

A local restaurant in Ahmedabad, "Awadhpuri" serves beetroot chutney, which was the tastiest version of beetroot I have eaten till date. Another way of relishing beetroot which I have liked is julian beetroot in vinegar.

Beetroot, a taproot of  beet plant is classified as super-food. It's 88% water, 10% carbohydrates, 2% proteins and 1% fats. Beetroot is also rich source of minerals and vitamin A, B and C. It's rich in fibres hence good for digestion .

With fusion of foods and exposure to different cultures, beetroot is served in different and innovative ways.

Beetroot Juice


Grated salad

This March, my son and his wife came home. Beetroot was available in inventory and they made  "Lal Prantha" for dinner. The beetroot stuffed parantha was just amazing. It was easy to make, tasty and nutritious. You may serve it with curd, achar/ pickle and tea. It was wholesome and filling.

Grate the beetroot and microwave the grated beetroot for 4-5 minutes, so that it dries and filling in the prantha becomes easier. Add salt to taste, amchoor and garam masala.

Take some flour, of the size of a table-tennis ball, fill with almost equal amount of filling. Roll out and cook with shudh ghee or refined oil just as any other prantha is cooked.

So, the prantha is ready. It is crispier if cooked on low fire and tastes better.

Serve with green chutney, daal dhokali , curd or with any pickle of your choice.

Happy cooking to you!!!