A friend, who has a mango orchard sent few kilograms of  raw mangoes which were the result of an untimely storm. Some of you  might be getting raw mangoes in huge quantities from your friends, who have orchards in north India,as heavy storms have recently lashed the north India.😃

To consume such huge quantities, I needed to list dishes,my family will eat. Aam ka panna and sweet chutney ( also known as chundu chatni in this part of India) were already made. Still I was left with almost 5 kg of raw mangoes. I thought of  making raw mango powder. Amchoor (आमचूर) or khatai (खटाई) is nothing but powdered  raw mangoes. It's an important spice in Indian cuisine. I have been using off the shelf raw mango powder ever since I had been handed over a kitchen after my marriage. It happened almost thirty five years ago. Being a new entrant to the cooking, ready made branded spices had made the transformation from a consumer (of cooked food) to a producer ( of cooked food) little easier. I have used almost all available brands in the market since then.

Here's how to make amchoor from raw mangoes, the easiest way?

1. Peel the raw mangoes and cut them in thin slices.

2. Microwave the slices till they become dry enough to be powdered. It may take 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending upon the quantity and thickness of slices. If you have enough sunlight, you may sundry.

3. Once, the slices become dry enough to be grounded in mixer grinder, let them cool.
4. Grind them to fine powder.

5. Your amchoor or khatai is ready to use. Store in a  cool dry place and enjoy the purity of home made masalas.

This home made khatai is tastier than the one bought from market. It is really  खट्टी  than the branded ones you use. If you add almost a spoon full of the branded amchoor for the required taste , you will need to less than 1/4th  spoon of this home made amchoor. This is the magic of pure spices. 

We have used the slices of raw mango to make khatai or amchoor. Now I will show you a way to make aam panna from the seeds / गुठलियां  of mango. 


1. Pressure cook the mango seeds (गुठलियां ) in water and a pinch of salt. . Decrease the flame after first whistle. Keep it on slow  heat for another 15 minutes.
2. Open the lid, once cooker has cooled down. Rub the pulp on boiled mango seeds into the water, they are boiled in. Remove the cleaned गुठलियां / mango seeds. Add jaggery, kala namak and bhuna jeera and heat it till jaggery is melted and dissolved. Once it's done, add fresh mint leaves and your aam panna is ready to  be served. 

Be summer ready! Make panna. Be cool. 😎
Happy cooking !!!