Raw mangoes - Make amchoor आमचूर / खटाई & aampanna आम-पन्ना

Aamchoor ( आमचूर ) or khatai (खटाई) is made from raw mangoes and is an important herb in Indian cuisine. I have been using the ready to eat amchoor  (mango powder) since I started managing the kitchen of my household when I got married , almost three decades and little more. Being a new entrant to the cooking, buying ready made branded masalas make the transformation from consumer (of cooked food) to producer ( of cooked food)  a little easier. I have used almost all available brands in the market since then.

Almost a decade and a half ago, a friend, who has a mango orchard sent few kilograms of  raw mangoes which were the result of an untimely storm. Some of you these days might be getting raw mangoes in huge quantities from your friends, who have orchards in north India, as huge storms are lashing the north India these days.😃

I needed a planning to make good use of such huge quantity. I planned to make panna  and mithi chatani which  my whole family were very fond of. Still I was left with almost 5 kg of raw mangoes. I thought of  making khatai.

Microwave oven had just entered my kitchen and I was looking for ways to experiment with it. During initial days, it was mainly used for warming up food. Though my house in Faridabad ( at that time I was there) had plenty of sunshine, but those were the cloudy days, hence I thought of using microwave oven to dry the raw mangoes.

Here's how to make amchoor from raw mangoes, the easiest way?

1. Peel the raw mangoes and cut them in thin slices.

2. Microwave the slices till they become dry enough to be powdered. It may take 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending upon the quantity. 

3. Once, the slices become dry enough, let them cool.

4. Now grind them to fine powder.

5. Your amchoor or khatai is ready to use. Store in a  cool dry place and enjoy the purity of home made masalas.

This home made khatai is tastier than the one bought from market and really  खट्टी  than the branded ones you use. If you add almost a spoon full for the required sour taste of the branded amchoor, you need to add just less than 1/4th spoon of this home made amchoor. Moreover, it's pure. Any powdered herb has more chances of adulteration.

We have used the slices of raw mango to make khatai or amchoor. Now, we are left with the seed / गुठलियां  of mango. We will be using them to make aam - panna.


1. Boil the गुठलियां  with water and a pinch of salt in pressure cooker . Decrease the flame after first whistle. Keep it on slow  heat for another 15 minutes.

2. Open the lid, once cooker has cooled down. Rub the pulp on boiled mango seeds into the water, they are boiled in. Remove the cleaned गुठलियां / mango seeds. Add jaggery, kala namak and bhuna jeera and heat it till jaggery is melted and dissolved. Once it's done, add fresh mint leaves and your aam panna is ready to  be served. 

So, do not miss these summers and make an excellent aamchoor and panna.
Happy cooking !!!