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We usually avoid dining out on weekends, but yesterday (Friday)was different and we felt like having a Gujarati thali for diner. Most of the well known thalis like Agashiya, Gordhan, Pakwan and the latest addition to thalis brands, Anakut etc were already tried . With so many options available in the market, we avoid repeating a restaurant, unless there is "compulsive eating disorder" or some divine intervention guides me to repeat. 😋

A friend who is fond of foods and appreciates good food and have been in Ahmedabad for more than a decade once referred to Atithi, Bodakdev for Gujarati thali. Though  I have crossed Atithi a number of times, it's situated on one of the most busy main roads never even once did I thought of going inside. One of the main reason is that it's located on first floor . In one of the programmes about Ahmedabad on TV on some food channel, I remember the host had his meals here and was praising a lot. I discount such programmes 99 % due to their commercial compulsions, but this information sticked with me.

Anyhow, yesterday, we went to Atithi for the famous Gujarati thali. The pleasant surprise was that it has shifted to ground floor. Even the parking was also not an issue. We reached around 8.30 pm. The capacity is very large and there was no waiting at all. The decor and ambiance is very simple. The main colour is white. It appears to be undergoing renovations. Expect a bigger and better Atithi in near future!

As soon as we settled, we were attacked by the army of "servers". Chatnies, both green and "imali ki saunth" were served first. Samosa, muthia and cutlet were the snacks served. Beetroot was also served and I could not make out why they served it? 😁
It was the most tasteless preparation of beetroot I have ever eaten.

Mohanthal was the only sweet served and in minimalist quantity. Even a repeat request took so long that I felt  like not requesting again. :( At one point of time, I thought they are doing a great service by controlling the calories of their customers and are taking care of their customer's health. But I have a big sweet tooth and I am happy with my weight, so I insisted again and again, till I am full till neck. 😤

Curries were the saviour . Kabuli chana, paneer, aalu, cauliflower -matar , Gujarati kadhi and oh so tasty divine aamras. All were appealing to taste buds and were not very spicy. My husband does not like chillies and he could eat comfortably. Generally, he opts for Jain thali just to be on the safer side and have less spicy and garlic free food. Yesterday, we forgot to opt for Jain thali. But thankfully, non have spices which he could not eat.

Three types of breads were served - poori, roti and bhakari. For rice eaters, two options of steamed rice and khichadi were available. I opted for khicadi as I relish kadhi with khichadi more than kadhi-rice combo.

The chaas / butter milk came when we were halfway through.

They have not kept water jugs or water bottles on the table and one has to ask for water every time glass is empty. I find it a good way of saving water and sensitizing people about the precious resource. #cuttingpani

Food as such was okay. A very routine thali menu. Nothing special and no negative points too. It will be great if they could add some sweetness to the menu and let it be accessed easily. :P