Cutting Pani

"Cutting Pani", as the name suggests is about water conservation or saving water.

Cutting Pani

Gandhiji once said that "there is enough for everyone's needs but not enough for everyone's greed."
I remember, as children, we were always told to take as much water as one can drink. Do not waste water was like an anthem from my parents. This continued for even a single grain of rice  and a morsel of food. I remember my parents telling me about the hard work farmers put in to grow our food. We must respect their efforts and anybody else's, who work to make our lives easy.  We were told that it can be done easily by not wasting anything which we can not produce. Such a simple way and what a great lesson! It's so deeply ingrained in our generation. Zero wastage, reuse and conservation of natural resources are the three virtues, which are badly needed in today's world.

Those were the times when there were no water filters or ROs. We used to take water straight from the tap. My mother used to water our kitchen garden from the water left  from washing clothes and utensils. It definitely means extra efforts, which mommy and people of her generation made happily to save the planet and our future.  Recycling and minimizing wastage was the essence of life in those days. Since it was part of my everyday observation, it came naturally to me. It's still the same for me even now.

People of my generation (born in the 60s) and our parents are still very responsible towards the usage and conservation of natural resources. In India, conservation of natural resources has been a way of life. 

Slowly with changes in lifestyle due to economic progress, we have forgotten our way of living in synchronization with nature and in turn have exploited nature to the maximum. With growing population and shrinking resources, a stark future of water shortage is looking at us. 

Cutting Pani
A study done by UNSW, Sydney has found a paradox. Our water supplies are shrinking while at the same time, due to climate changes, the rains are increasing. The culprit is dry soil. The scientists also point that the drought like situation will be faced by regions which are already dry. 

Cutting Pani

With extra rains all around the world, our rivers are having less water flow. The cause is the dry catchment area. earlier, these areas were found to be moist and excess water used to go back to rivers, thus increasing the flow. Less water in rivers means less water for our cities and agriculture while the city's water demands increase due to ever increasing population and farmers need more water for agriculture due to dry land.

Cutting Pani
For every 100 drops of rain water, 36 drops are blue water and remaining 64 drops are green water. Blue water recharges our water resources like like aquifers, lakes or rivers. This blue water is used to fulfill our needs. The green water moisturizers the soil and is used by landscapes and ecosystem. 
The warming temperatures results in more evaporation from the soil, more water is absorbed by the soil, thus decreasing the blue water and hence the water available to humans is decreasing. It's a vicious cycle. Less water is ending up where we can store it for later use. At the same time, more rain is overwhelming drainage infrastructure in towns and cities, leading to more urban flooding. World is in a difficult situation. The only way to save the future is to conserve water. 
Cutting Pani

 "Cutting Pani" 
The growth of materialism in society and  general degradation of understanding of age old values and ethics combined together have resulted in a mentality which thinks that money can buy anything. The respect and love for nature is also weighed in the same monetary balance. This has resulted in no regards whatsoever for water resources too.

Water is one of the most precious and life essential resource but with limited supply. We all, as a race must take responsibility to use water carefully so that its available for all.

A very recent news about Cape Town's water woes is very worrying. If we do not take care of our future, who will?
The misuse of nature by humans for long time has resulted in changes in environmental changes and pollution of natural resources. Water is the most polluted and misused resource. It's also the most important resource for life to survive on our planet. It's high time we all must stand up together and promise ourselves to not waste a single drop of water.

"Cutting Pani" actually conveys -
Cut wastage of water.
Cut consumption of water

In every aspect and by every human being.
Let's all be "water-warriors" and adopt "cutting pani"  enthusiastically.
Cutting Pani

It's the time to act before it's too late!