Cutting Pani

"Cutting Pani", as the name suggests is about water conservation or saving water.

Gandhiji has once said that "there is enough for everybody's needs but not everybody's greed."
I remember,as children, we (me , my sibling and friends) were always told to take as much water as one can drink. Do not waste water. Or even a single grain of rice too.

Those were the times when there were no water filters or ROs. We used to take water straight from the tap. My mother used to water our kitchen garden from the water left  from washing clothes and utensils. Recycling and minimizing wastage was the essence of life in those days. It was effortless and came naturally to us. Its still the same for me even now.

People of my generation (born in 60s) and our parents are still responsible about usage and conservation of natural resources. 

Since, we are talking about "Cutting Pani" , let me concentrate only about conserving water.
The kind of relationship, the young generation (specially in their30s and later)has with natural resources is very worrying. They have grown up with unrestricted exposure to the world through world wide web and booming economy at home front. The growth of materialism in society and  general degradation of understanding of age old values and ethics combined together have resulted in a mentality which thinks that money can buy anything. The respect and love for nature is also weighed in the same monetary balance. This has resulted in no regards what so ever for water resources too.

Water is one of the most precious and life essential resource but with limited supply. We all, as a race must take responsibility to use water carefully so that its available to all.
A very recent news about Cape Town's water woes is very worrying. If we do not take care of our future, who will?

Sometimes, I feel we as parents have not been able to teach enough good values to our next generation or is it the influence and uncontrolled exposure through internet which has diluted the ethics of our ancient culture,where we respected our water bodies and gave them respect as mother.   ( เคฎां เค—ंเค—ा). 

The misuse of nature has been so much and so vast by humans that it's high time we all must stand up together and promise ourselves to not waste a single drop of water.
"Cutting Pani" actually conveys -
Cut wastage of water.
Cut consumption of water
In every aspect and by every humanbeing.
Let's all be "water-warriors" and adopt "cutting pani" as enthusiatically as we love "cutting chai" .

It's time to act....

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