Tasty Kachori - Without the hard work

Kachoris ( lentil filled deep fried bread ) are a major part of "pakka khaana", a term used mainly in "Kayastha " cuisine. They are very tasty and every celebration , however small or big calls for "kachoris". But as they say no hardwork no fun, kachoris require pre-planning and much effort.

The original method:
  • The urad dhuli daal to be soaked overnight or at least for 4-5 hours, and grounded with ginger, chillies and saunf with minimum water to a fine paste.
  • This paste is to be roasted in oil with a tempering of hing, coriander powder and salt to taste. 
  • Chillies can be added, if required.
  • Once the paste is turned into small granules and dried enough for a filling , roll out poories with sufficient stuffing and deep fry.

My method:

  • Take 5 amritsari urad daal badiyaan. 
Tasty Kachori - Without the hard work

  • Grind them to a fine powder. Check for salt and add if required. No other spices are needed.
Tasty Kachori - Without the hard work

  • Knead approximately 1 cup of wheat flour ( with a tea spoon of ajwain, salt to taste, a table spoon of refined oil) with water. It should be as hard as for mathariyaan. 
  • Roll out the poories with the stuffing and deep fry in hot oil. 
Tasty Kachori - Without the hard work

  • Serve them with Imli ke aaloo or dry alu-matar vegetable and boondi ka raita for that wholesome celebrations.
Tasty Kachori - Without the hard work

  • Serve kheer for dessert with a kachori feast. 
Happy cooking!!!