Shudh (Pure) Ghee @ home

Pure ghee is a major task of Indian kitchen. It's a routine of almost all Indian housewives to collect "doodh ki malai" and store it in freezer till a sufficient quantity is collected and then the day of reckoning comes!!!

I used to find it very cumbersome to make ghee at home. My efforts are always directed to use milk cream in some other easy way. I mostly try to use it in sweet dishes like kheer (rice - milk pudding) , custard cake , seveyian etc till I thought to put microwave to use and make my work easier.

First of all thaw your collected malai / cream.
If you want to make butter then proceed for ghee, you can do it by using mixer.

Transfer the cream / butter into a big glass container.

Microwave for 20 - 25 minutes depending upon the quantity, with stirring after every 5 minutes.

Here is the "pure" shudh ghee and nice golden mawa.

Separate the ghee and mawa. The mawa can be used in any home made sweets like coconut burfi, besan ke laddoo or aate ka halwa. 

No kichkich, No jhanjhat.