In quest of pure UP ka nashta

While going to watch movie, AWAKE on 17 June, 2016, on the way with my friend Ranjana, I saw a bright board in red and yellow : AGRA BHOJ.

I was missing that hot "bedvi " and "hing wale rase ke aaloo ki sabzi",  a typical UP breakfast complete with hot desi ghee ki jalebi. Though, there is nothing which is not available in Ahmadabad in any of the sweet shop but the typical UP ka taste was missing.

Last Tuesday, my craving for the UP taste motivated  me to explore AGRA BHOJ . Me and RB ( my life partner) went to have breakfast there.

AGRA BHOJ is a small eatery, on Sandesh Press Road, near LAD society in the densely populated Bodakdev. It took us almost 25 minutes to reach there. We are on the outskirts of the city yet.

The maharaj / cooks were dressed  in red kurta and white dhotis and whole eatery was filled with the smell of desi ghee. Yes, they proudly announce that everything is cooked in desi ghee. With Baba Ramdev's information sharing about cow milk ghee, general perspective towards desi ghee has changed. Mine too has changed. It's the best option for cooking food.

Agra Bhoj is a small place and is clean. We were the only guest at 11am.

We ordered immediately as the menu was pre-decided. Bedvi - sabji , poori - aloo and jalebi. The table was laid in another 15 minutes and it was amazing... Jalebi was crisp, full of syrup sugar. We ordered i glass lassi and chaas. Lassi was made from hung curd and was very thick and filling with less sugar. Chaas was also thick with salt, roasted cumin seeds and black salt. They serve bedvi and poori with aloo and meetha kaddu. It was revisiting UP in Gujarat. As of now, the food is not yet changed for local taste. It has that typical taste. I think, its a great place for people who want to enjoy that typical taste of north.

Unassuming Mr. Verma , owner was very enthusiastic and was very particular of the quality and the original recipes. All the maharaj were  from UP. They speak typical Agra ki Hindi. The rates were very reasonable and the quantity was good enough for 1 person. Its good to not waste food.

Cost for 2 people : Rs. 200.00

Overall, it was good experience.I will rate Agra Bhoj 3.5/5 on taste and 3/5 on ambiance
 and 4/5 for services.

In quest of pure UP ka nashta


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