Last week, I visited Bhutan with my husband to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. As it was a trip organized through a travel agency, the breakfast and dinners were Indians. On the go, we, looked for Indian lunches. One day, our guide, Mr. Chin Chow suggested for an authentic Bhutanese lunch at a local household. I jumped at the offer to taste vegetarian local meal. Having a food at someone's home and not a restaurant was a great opportunity to mingle with local people and understand their culture.


The food was very spicy. The main spice was green chillies. Most of the dishes were cooked in cheese and butter. 

The most distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine is its spices. Chilies are an essential part of nearly every dish. Bhutanese people enjoy spicy food.

Rice forms the main dish of most of Bhutanese meals. It is accompanied by one or two side dishes consisting of meat or vegetables. Pork, beef and chicken are the meats that are eaten most often. Spinach, pumpkins, turnips, radishes, tomatoes, river weed, onions and green beans are commonly used vegetables. Grains such as rice, buckwheat and barley are also cultivated in various regions of the country depending on the local climate. 
Our hosts, Rinzig and Jigme served us Kewa dashi, Sag Dashi and Ema Datshi with red rice.

Kewa Datshi is potatoes cooked in cheese and chillies. 

Sag Datshi is the leaves of spinach, radish  and mustard cooked with cheese. 

Ema Datshi is the National Dish of Bhutan. A spicy mix of chillies and the delicious local cheese known as Datshi. This dish is a staple of nearly every meal and can be found throughout the country. Variations on Ema Datshi include adding green beans, ferns, potatoes, mushrooms or swapping the regular cheese for yak cheese.
These Tibetan-style dumplings similar to momos are stuffed with pork, beef or cabbages and cheese.Traditionally eaten during special occasions, these tasty treats are a Bhutanese favourite.
Pork cooked with spicy red chillies, known as Phaksha Paa is a local favourite. This dish can also include Radishes or Spinach. A popular variation uses sun-dried ingredients(known as Sicaam). 
Jasha Maru is a spicy  chicken based dish cooked with tomatoes and other ingredients that is usually served with rice.
Red rice in Bhutanese cuisine is similar to bread in American cuisine. They are similar to brown rice and  extremely nutritious When cooked, the red colour fades to pale pink. Just one serving of Bhutanese red rice will give you 80% of your daily requirement of Manganese and 20% of  Phosphorous .
Goep (Tripe) , like most other meat dishes,  is cooked with plenty of spicy chillies and chilli powder.Though the popularity of tripe has diminished in many countries it is still enjoyed in Bhutan.
Variety of drinks are served with meals. Drinks like black or green tea, wine, beer or Arag. Arag is the locally brewed by fermenting maize, rice,millet or wheat. It's extremely strong in taste and effect.


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