Breakfast Today: Salsa Sandwich, Veg Bambino, Sweet Bambino.

It has been very long time since I contributed to the blog.

Cooking was never a passion for me. I enjoyed cooking only when I cook for my children. They both used to relish what I cooked... they have no choice 😍. As they grew up and were able to express what they wanted to eat, my cooking skills improved to meet their demands.
My growth has been massive as a cook, if I look back at my journey which started after I got married and started my family.


With time, my little boys flew away to explore the world , meals grew simple and boring over the years.
Vaibhav, my elder son is here these days for some time, so my kitchen has become vibrant again !
Today morning instead of boring daliya (porridge) or cornflakes, it is time to remember the good old times. I made salsa sandwich with masala bread , bambino pulao and sweet bambino.

breakfast 1

: Finally cut onion, capsicum and tomatoes in a bowl. Add a spoonful curd, milk cream, salt to taste,  a pinch of garam masala, and  oregano. Mix well.

breakfast 2
Cut the masala loaf or take two slices of sandwich bread. 
Heat sandwich toaster. Oil it with pure ghee or butter. This pure ghee or butter aroma adds to the yummy taste. Put a spoonful of salsa filling on a slice. Grill in sandwich toaster.

breakfast 3

Serve hot and have fun!.

breakfast 4
Savoury Bambino is made with our old regular poha recipe with rice poha replaced by fries bambino. Add as many vegetables as you want. A little lime juice will add wonders to the dish. I love it, easy to cook and good to taste.

breakfast 6

Onion tamarind chutney: Add onion, tamarind paste and one medium tomato in mixie. Add salt, chillies- green or red. Grind till fine paste is ready.

breakfast 7

Finger chips
of potatoes is ever cherished sidekick of any meal. So I added it for the fun!

breakfast 8
Cool chach is the best drink for summers and the pungent taste of chach added to the  tangy flavours of sandwich, bambino and fingers.

Finishing the meal with sweet  bambino (milk less) !
It proved to be the perfect brunch on a holiday and just right to go for a relaxing afternoon siesta. 


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