An apple a day may not be sufficient to keep the doctor away, but is a good step towards health. Easily available , easy to store and great option to eat on the go!

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A fresh apple is an ideal snack. Its low in calories and has lots of fibre to have the feeling of fullness. It's easy to carry on the go.

Since apple trees are vulnerable to worms and pests, trees are sprayed with a good quantity of pesticides. Apples should always be taken after washing carefully. Some experts suggest to peel up and eat to safeguard from the risk of pesticides.

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An average apple provides approximately 10 mg of vitamin C. It contains good dose of pectin. Pectin lowers the artery damaging LDL cholesterol. The most nutritional effect of apples is the mix of antioxidants.

apple 4Apples is also called nature's toothbrush. Though they do not actually clean the teeth but they enhance oral hygiene. Biting and chewing an apple stimulates the gums and sweetness of apples increases the saliva secretion. which reduces the tooth decay by lowering the bacterial levels in mouth.

So, eat an apple every day during the season only. Always buy the local produce. Buying from local vendors has many advantages. 

  1. We get fresh stock when we buy locally.
  2. We support rural economy of the area.
  3. We decrease our carbon footprints, thus taking care of our planet in our small way. Every step, however small is important in taking care for the planet earth. 

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