"Coconut - Coffee" Ice Cream

With an ice cream parlours at almost stone's throw distance from any residential complex, making ice creams at home is an obsolete activity. Though not a keen "kitchen resident", I love to try different recipes other than routine cooking. 

Fresh Cream : 500gm
Dessicated Coconut : 2 tablespoon
Coffee: 1 teaspoon
Sugar: As per taste.



1. Add enough sugar to the cream to satisfy your sweet tooth levels.😃
2.Divide cream in two parts.
3. To one part, add coconut and mix well. Keep it in freezer.

Dessicated Coconut

4. In remaining half, add coffee and mix well. Keep it in fridge.

5. After an hour, take out both the bowls. Add coffee mixture to the partly frozen coconut mixture. Keep in freezer and serve after it is done...frozen!
6. Serve and enjoy !

Ice Cream 😍

Pictures are from Google Search.