Daliya Pulav

Dalia is the broken wheat. In my family, sweet dalia cooked with milk is favourite breakfast option. This is a healthy, nutritious and light breakfast option. It's easy to cook and tasty to eat. It has enough calories to face the day's grind. To make it more sumptuous, dry fruits like cashews or almonds can be added. For my son and husband, it's their favourite breakfast before rushing to office.

It was Sunday and I thought of making poha for breakfast. But I did not have sufficient quantity of poha, so thought of using dalia instead of poha. The end result was approved by the "jury".


1. 100gm Daliya.
2. One small onion , finally cut.
3. One small tomato, finally cut.
4. One small potato, finally cut as fingers.
5. Peas, grated carrot and any other vegetable available at home.
6. Rai seeds - 1 small spoon.
7. Salt and chilly to taste. A pint of Garam masala / chaat masala
8. One lemon.
9. Finally cut coriander leaves.


1.Take a spoon of oil in a karahi.
2. When oil is hot, add rai seeds. Let them splutter.
3. Add onion and stir till pinkish. add potato and other vegetables , cover and cook for a minute or till all vegetables are tender.
4. Now add daliya. Add double the quantity of water. Add salt and chilly as per your taste. cover and cook for 2-3 min on slow flame. Check if Daliya is cooked and has soften. 
If you are cooking in pressure cooker, one whistle is enough.
5 Once done, add lime juice, coriander leaves and tomatoes. Mix well.
6 Sprinkle chat masala or garam masala as per your preferences.
7. Serve hot with green chutney, curd sauce / saunth.