This is my first post on this blog - PETPUJA.ORG!
Indian food is colourful and appeals to the eyes. A table laden with Indian cuisine is a beautiful poetry in spices and masalas and colour!

And the taste...Oh, it is SIMPLY DIVINE!
Have u ever tried Jalebi hot and crisp with malai..aha it soothes the nerves! Sweets come in all shapes and sizes. In these times of globalization, our sweet marts have done lots of fusions. Indians by nature are innovative and love to experiment a lot.
Can u imagine a "pan"...betel leaf of chocolate flavour...this is the extent to which we indians experiment.
India is a large country. It has so many cuisines..."South Indian Food", "Punjabi Food", "Gujarati Food", "Bengali food", Kashmiri Food", "Hyderabadi Food" on and so forth.

My endeavour through this blog is to share the information about food and easy to make recipes!

It's also about sharing my culinary journey from being a novice to a better version of myself. I have been made "head of home kitchen" in 1984, when I got married. I did not know, what is in store for me there. Learning the names of lentils and kneading dough, I have learnt everything being on job. :)